Thursday, 21 January 2010

Touché Amoré


Pretty much the best new-fangled shiny attraction to emerge from the pit of the LA smog, a band who at the moment can do no wrong, resulting in every tom, dick and harry hardcore smothering them in a grip of screamo tinged hardcore punk bloodthirst. Seriously try your luck with the first demo and the hotly pressed LP '...To The Beat of A Dead Horse.' Guest vocals from Geoff Rickly from Thursday just about causes the latter to buckle under the sheer gravitas of it's own supremacy. Honest hardcore meets honest emotion - the resulting combustion will tear a trail across punk scenes worldwide.

Look how clean all the American kids are, how ironically organised and tame the stage invasions seem to be, in a well lit room. The kid in the Smiths shirt seems to be having a great time. Over here that would have been played out in a sweatbox and lead singer Elliott or whatever his name is would have been clawed to the floor. The UK might be shit at everything but go fuck yourself we know our punk

...To The Beat Of A Dead Horse

Monday, 18 January 2010

10 minutes and two hernias later


Chris Colohan well and truly has his fingers back in the figurative pies. Ex-Cursed gunslinger tries his hand at a more controlled take on Punk Rock whilst agreeing not to sacrifice any of the intensity of his old outfit. Download this demo and let the dry cured vocal stylings strip you like paint thinner. This could well turn out to be a band worthy of worship.

Burning Love demo (mediafire) -