Sunday, 22 August 2010

Saturday, 21 August 2010




Yesterday was fun, this is Matt wearing my No Class cap and a 'thirst aid' hat he found lying around. I do not know where this boy ended up.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Wavves - Post Acid

Beach punk surfer trash. Nathan Williams holds claim to a snot nosed Descendants-esque voice and it wouldn't be far off the mark to compare it to an early 90's Billy Joe Armstrong intonation. Fantastic pop sensibilities lay under this cradle of whirring noise, so don't listen to any of the hate that Psychedelic Horseshit are spitting Wavves' way - despite how good Psychedelic Horseshit admittedly are. This video refreshed me from the very first time I watched it.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

FILTH, FUCKED UP & MATTED BODY HAIR - Photos from the weekend at Hevy Fest, more to come.

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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Pissing Through


I know this guy, he sits in his room listening to Deep Jew and not eating meat, he is important because he grows his beard and spends time with me openly mocking Mark McCoy, even though we both owe the vast majority of our musical compatibility to records he has put out. He is the product of a relationship between Billy Cudrup and a hardcore punk Sam Dunn. He plays under the name Pissing Through

He grinds out sounds and chicken wires them together under a viral strain of 'harsh psychedelic violence.' You can almost hear the sound of pre-historic recording methods being exhumed from the grave, as Pissing Through takes a backhand to the clinical air of production value, opting for strength by way of raw, unbridled chaos rather than slick order.

If mysteriousness is an elected linchpin of today's Punk underground then Pissing Through takes it one further by hiding himself away in the unremarkable north of England. Left alone to brood he intends on recording more and more of this gutter trash, whilst working on releasing a split EP on Crimes Against Skin. Visit his blog - Looking Pissing Looking and download his 'not a demo' offering. Pissing through is a dirty talent more inclined to smother himself than smother the underground, give his power electronics the once over, but be warned, do not attempt to listen to this if you cry to Morrissey records or believe that Trapped Under Ice are the 'New' Madball.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Ross Farrar


In-between issuing forced lines of unimaginable angst and relaying a stream of poetic social consciousness, Ross Farrar of Ceremony takes some unreal photos, photos that are almost magnetic to the eye.


I bought a printed collection of his black and white photos last October, needless to say he has some skill with a camera, a skill which supersedes ordinary lens pointing, allowing him to showcase his keen eye for interesting, vernacular photography. Ross is also currently studying a course in creative writing. I really do look up to this guy, he's heavily involved in three artistic areas that I myself take a high interest in. Massive inspiration.

Recently had his latest offering 'Society Verse' bought for me by my girlfriend, and I can say with quite some confidence that it is wholeheartedly fantastic. Tales of the band's inception and quips regarding all sorts of violent or non violent encounters litter the 128 pages of lyrics and heart string poetry.


Romain Gavras

Meet Romain Gavras, a burgeoning component of the French lo-fi film collective. Fast approaching the release date for his first feature film Notre Jour Viendra, Vice magazine sat down with Romain and proceeded to pick the young Frenchman's brain.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010