Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Cancer Kids - The Possible Dream


Hardcore played fast enough to peel the scalp clean off your headbanging skull, with conviction alone that could sell narcotics to a nun. Regrettably this band have since broken up, with various members going on to other bands, notably Failures. This record has all the stop and start dynamics of the finer Screamo outfits but sits stoically as an out and out thrash drunk hardcore rage.

Out of the various splits and EP's apparently in circulation I could only find this record, but my god it rips, for fans of everything good in the world.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Punch - Self Titled


This will be a short but sweet post, not unlike Punch's self titled record. This release, following their championed 'Eyeless' EP, continues the spastic charge in complete fidelity to the thrashcore foundation already so erratically laid down by the female fronted San Franciscan troupe.

In effect all you need to know about this behemoth of incessant clatter is the following; 16 tracks, 20 minutes, fragmentary barbs of undigested hardcore - not unlike Failures or 'Lines In The Sand' Coke Bust. Sharp enough to carve out your jellified backbone.

Punch (Mediafire)