Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Iggy Pop - Lust For Life

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Just a quick post, just to churn out another recommendation to whomsoever cares. Iggy Pop. Iggy Fucking Pop. I've been drinking from the proverbial fountain of Pop for a while but finally I've actually sat up and taken note of how prototypical, seminal and damn near close to perfection this album is. 'Lust For Life' is half the worlds favourite Iggy Pop record, but please, don't let that put you off on the basis of it getting in the way of your 'I would much rather listen to the obscurer records to protect my underground credentials' bullshit attitude. Pop wrote this album allegedly with some degree of help from David Bowie, well if that produces a swagger imbibed, soul drenching album such as this then I will not utter a single syllable of complaint.

Iggy Pop; 1947 - Forever

Lust For Life (Mediafire)

Here She Comes Now

Firstly, play this video and let the spacial echo of Ben Gibbards wheelings and tinkerings exfoliate every pore on your body. Along with Steve Frisk this overture was composed specifically for the soundtrack to AJ Schnack and Michael Azzerad's 'About A Son' documentary, a sobering insight into the calamitous, cyclonic few years of Kurt Cobain's tenure as generation flagbearer.

Secondly, If, like me, each and every time you breathe an unavoidable Nirvana lyric pops out, or every time you go to speak you end up trailing into yet another tale of incredulity concerning Cobain & company, take a closer look at this post by Zamboni Soundtracks as there are some beautiful tracks to be unearthed.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Hüsker Dü - New Day Rising

Husker Du - New Day Rising Pictures, Images and Photos

One of my favourite albums ever recorded. Bob Mould wrote some amazing tracks when he was playing with Dü. I always loved the way this band ingratiated themselves within the nascent Hardcore community yet saw fit to push every boundary right to it's upper limit. They never reached the 'glory' of astronomical album sales but their influence still reverberates at a quiet hum even today in and around the 21st Century's Post Hardcore rattle & pop. Tracks such as 59 Times The Pain, Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill and Terms Of Psychic Warfare still give me a kick.

New Day Rising (Mediafire)