Sunday, 13 December 2009

Wipers - Is This Real?

Can't stop listening to this recently, I loathe myself for not discovering Greg Sage's punk genius until now. Brilliant songwriting on this album which influenced Kurt Cobain no end, so much in fact that he later covered D-7 & Return of The Rat with Nirvana. Worship this.

They were playing around with and cauterizing the foundations of what would later mutate into Grunge years before the Seattle sound gripped the international scene by the throat, but in the decades since they were at their best they've been skimmed over by the great rolling stone of general pop culture interest. Draw your comparisons with Husker Du and the other stalwarts of the 80's Indie scene, but appreciate them for what they are first and foremost


They asked me to take this link down, It is more than easy to find online however

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