Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Here She Comes Now

Firstly, play this video and let the spacial echo of Ben Gibbards wheelings and tinkerings exfoliate every pore on your body. Along with Steve Frisk this overture was composed specifically for the soundtrack to AJ Schnack and Michael Azzerad's 'About A Son' documentary, a sobering insight into the calamitous, cyclonic few years of Kurt Cobain's tenure as generation flagbearer.

Secondly, If, like me, each and every time you breathe an unavoidable Nirvana lyric pops out, or every time you go to speak you end up trailing into yet another tale of incredulity concerning Cobain & company, take a closer look at this post by Zamboni Soundtracks as there are some beautiful tracks to be unearthed.

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