Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Rogue Wave


Notable Indie Rock mainstays Rogue Wave released their fourth opus 'Permalight' not two months ago, to a rapture of heated praise. The group of five musicians from Oakland, CA, blend together a dreamy soundscape of mid tempo pops and crackles with the introspective lyrical heartbreak of lead vocalist Zack Rogue, in such a way that seperates them from other notable scene luminaries such as Fruit Bats, Nada Surf and The Shins.

Permalight sees a rejuvinated band format disinclined towards rehashing an already well explored sound, and as a record 'Permalight' pushes itself further from the acoustic veined rock-rooted harmonies of 05's 'Descended Like Vultures' and grasps hold of the electro-synth induced habit already so very championed by acts such as The Postal Service. Automated drum beats and pulsating keyboard twinges shoot this band with a heavy dose of twee pop and sunshine, sure to be a welcome inclusion in the eyes of the Owl City fanbase.

As a whole this record cannot be lambasted for it's electronic switcheroo, bands progress, bands experiment, and so the tapestry is woven. Chock full of good weather tunes, this record has a good chance of clinging on into the summer months where it could remain as a soundtrack to many people's festival season.

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