Saturday, 31 July 2010

Chris Mansfield & Fences


Presented as dull throbs of heartache and ruminations, Chris Mansfield's music, penned under the name 'Fences', is so very daintily poetic that it seems to bleed the emotions out one by one. He hails from Seattle, and counts Sara Quin as an avid fan. So much of a fan is Sara that not only does she appear on the track 'My Girl The Horse' currently streaming on his myspace, but she's gone all out and produced Fences' upcoming debut album set for release this September.

Much of Fences' style can aptly be described as pop, yet there is a tarnished almost strained harmony to his tracks, a real cathartic presence which deftly sweeps aside any encroaching notions of the all too familiar 'pop cheesy-ness.' Chris' songwriting prowess is powerfully refreshing, the first track streaming on his myspace, 'Boys Around Here' rolls around for three minutes in a playful bundle of comforting melody, partnered so soothingly by a voice almost as spider web thin as the late Elliott Smith's. Such a web does well to carry the weight of Mansfield's lyrics; all in all very touching, nothing less than poignant at best.Check this act out, your time and attention would be very worthwhile spent here.

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  1. its not Tegan Rain Quin, its Sara Quin that features!

  2. Thanks for the heads up, duly ammended