Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Feelies - Crazy Rythms

I’m listening to this album for the first time ever right now. The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms. First port of call: I am a fucking idiot for not zeroing in on this band sooner. From my 2011 vantage I can hear pastels of The Velvet Underground, Wire-esque intonations, Gang of Four subtleties and REM pop splashes. Everything i’m hearing is relevant to the order in which I discovered those bands just mentioned - because The Feelies notably influenced REM & Gang of Four and not the other way round. The Feelies came first.

I don’t think it would be too far off the mark to say that they must have influenced Beat Happening and that whole K Records twee-pop-picnic-in-the-sunshine sound. Probably gave Death Cab For Cutie a push too, in a more indirect sense. To cut a boring story short, It’s eight o’clock where I am and quite frankly I can see myself not giving a fuck about listening to any other band for the next week. Anyone who has heard this / plans to hear this, let me know what you think because I am drifting off into a lull of love.

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