Sunday, 5 April 2009

Ryan Mckenney

This man is such an inspiration to me, He's the vocalist and chief lyrics writer for the insanely brilliant Seattle/Massachusetts Hardcore band Trap Them. Who i fucking implore you to listen to! I'm bound to review their latest album 'Siezures in Barren Praise' in a later post because it is too fantastic to miss.

Anyway i've read a few online interviews with Ryan and i have to say, he's such a stand up guy. Formerly of the equally savage Backstabbers Incorporated he started Trap Them roughly two years ago with members of December Wolves, who given the chance WILL tear your face clean off - look out for them.

I see Ryan as possessing qualities not unlike Jacob Bannon of the almighty Converge - he's got a voice that sounds like gargling glass and a penchant for writing truly cinematic lyrics. The whole concept behind Siezures in Barren Praise is mind melting. Ryan has also crafted individually unique pieces of art to go along with each track from the album, and they're all brilliant! - check them out on his blog here

He stated in one interview that he had '...twelve teeth, a broken nose, a shoulder that's about to fall off and two vertabrea that stick out like some fucked up growth on my back.'
Just goes to show how much sweat, blood & bile he puts into music


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