Friday, 26 June 2009

I cut myself on angel's hair and baby's breath


This will be the briefest of posts despite the multitude of topics I wish to touch on as of late

Firstly i want to express how greatly upset I am at the passing of Michael Jackson. I feel genuinely shaken, I wasn't a massive Motown/Jackson fan admittedly but Michael was the 3rd highest selling artist of all time, his album Thriller the best selling album in world history. You've got to have respect for achievements of such grandiosity.

This might be one of those moments that are forever referenced back to by the question 'where were you when you heard of Michael Jackson's death?' For my part I was stood outside the Priory Club in Doncaster having a few words with Damien from Fucked Up. His reaction was 'Oh well, you can't kill the king of pop! You just can't kill him, he'll be back.' Stoic words..

Fucked Up went on to announce his death on stage, saying he had 'Beat It', which everyone got a kick out of obviously. I'm in no doubt the humour was muddied by the crowds collective conscience knowing the world had just lost one of it's all time great entertainers. Fucked Up meant no disrespect by it I'm sure, guitarist Young Governor's jaw dropped on stage when he learnt the news, incredulous as we all were.

Thriller Pictures, Images and Photos

Secondly i remembered watching an old ratty video documenting one of Nirvana's early tours of the UK. So I unearthed it from the bowels of YouTube just for anyone who hasn't already seen it.

One quick nugget of pop culture trivia for you, It was infact Nirvana's Nevermind that knocked Michael Jackson's Dangerous off the US number-one slot on January 11, 1992.

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