Thursday, 4 June 2009

The most arrogant in town

I became so incensed by recent comments in the media that i decided to write a letter to various publications in the hope that they'll print it. It concerns Sean Smith of The Blackout and just writing this helped me get some of that piss and vinegar out of my system.

'I've never really payed much attention to Sean Smith from The Blackout, whenever i've seen him I've passed him off as one of those bubblegum rock stars who's a bit too keen to soak up the teen adoration, however i have given their new album a listen. Recently i've clocked him twice or maybe three times taking pot shots at Kurt Cobain & Nirvana in print and needless to say it's made my blood boil! It boggles my mind how the lead singer of a band with very little depth, nothing important to say and who makes no attempt at challenging the listener can badmouth one of the greatest song writers in history. We've got h2o singing that nowadays it's all 'fashion before passion' and as much as i want to defend my generation i find it hard to when current flagbearers act as arrogant and disrespectful as they do.
I realise this is a negative letter and thats not like me at all but sometimes you've just got to get stuff off your chest you know what i mean?

Josh Turner


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  1. ...
    Have you met Sean Smith?
    You can't judge a person without getting to know them. =/