Monday, 13 July 2009

The Gilded Few

Nothing Gold can stay for long.
Fleeting strings of Love that bond,
Whisper winds to skies of rouge,
The lulling Moon to your sleepy blues.

Take your solace in the mirth that made him,
From Earthly endeavors the same we be lift.
Ever do we drift together,
Through reeds, over bows and the rifts.

Nothing Gold can stay for long.
Like seed sewn pastures one by one,
And beds of all that flush to bloom,
We hold our place in Nature's plume.

Ever do we band together,
My friend don't be weaned by fright.
Go gently in as softly goes,
A brace of birds so keen on flight.

From Mother's milk and arms to nest,
From Love that led you not astray,
Our hearts will bud and fade with ache.
Nothing Gold can stay.

Rest in peace Ryan,
I realise I borrowed a line from Robert Frost for you x

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