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Jess Morris (so I don't get sued)

'They're like Converge on acid' ..Thats what Frank Carter had to say about London based hardcore act Throats. Spend all of 15 minutes with their 2008 split with fellow British young bloods Maths and you'll realise how close to the mark that analogy is. Agonizing one minute, scalding the next.
As a group of individuals raised on pure angst and Cursed, the outpouring of hate and bile was always going to be something punishing.

Track one Black Thursday of 'Notes From The Turncoat Campaign', a split with American act The Network, is a savoured nugget of rambling riffing cloistered midway through by Alex Wealand's fucking caustic shrieks at either end. With such a serrated edge to his voice it's not hard to imagine him going toe to toe with Jacob Bannon & taking no lesser form than Lucifer on stage.

You would be hard pushed to find anything else akin to the Throats experience in Britain at the moment. In fact i'd go as far as to say it simply does not exist. The band rounded out by bassist Thom Sadler, drummer Chris Medgett and guitarists Bill Trevey & Mark Ringrose, are not concerned for one second with disposable hooks or throwaway melody. Their astringent brand of grind inflected hardcore renders alot of contemporary heavy acts tame.

Opening their side of the Maths split EP is Headclouds, an ominous three and a half minutes of brooding guitars and skull cracking stickwork which, eventually ignites an already doomy atmosphere with incendiary vocal barbs. Tumbling all limbs flailing into Locked Blue a short and sick hardcore melée which works itself into something of a groove by the end. The grind induced fever continues as Reign of Low and Comedown barage the senses in quick succession, only to then lure the listener into a gulf of suffocation.
Deathnaps steals the show, clocking in at six and a half minutes it is their Iliad, their Odyssey. A meandering barbarian of a song comprised of Throat's hardcore punk aggression aswell as their love for creating an atmosphere thick enough to choke on.

The most impressive track comes from the Turncoat split EP. Final track Hibernate staggers into an immediate vocal tirade, progressing into a gloomy trade off between distortion and blaring, 'I can't believe what this world has done to me' pierces the heavy veil of bass and guitar backdrop to leave a marked impression.

Throats are nowhere close to their high noon, they're still yet to record a full length but with a split being released in August with Sheffield's Rolo Tomassi no doubt they'll pick up more deserved attention. Give them a listen, they'll no doubt gut you bow to stern.

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