Saturday, 10 October 2009

Would this playlist woo a young lady?


Or am I missing something?
Also expect a post on Kidcrash soon enough, as they are 100% spectacular and I am falling into an emocore sticky love with them.


  1. Not bad. I def like the Modest Mouse and the first Death Cab song. I am a huge Pumpkins fan but I would go with these over 33: I Need You Around (off the adore demos), To Sheila, By Starlight, or Do You Close Your Eyes (also off the Adore demos).

    A few others:

    Teitur - One and Only
    Teitur - Poetry and Aeroplanes
    Joseph Arthur - In The Sun
    Joseph Arthur - Honey and the Moon
    Nada Surf - Neither Heaven Nor Space
    Incubus - Southern Girl

  2. Anything by fleet foxes would imo