Thursday, 15 October 2009

Lepers to feed the Lepers

I'd probably go as far to say that Trash Talk - Plagues is one of my favourite recordings of all time. You might think that's a bit transparent what with there being a good thirty years of punk backed up in the catalogues before the Sacramento outfit released that EP, but it is just so fucking unruly. Pieced together with so much hate and bile, it would out-evil the childsnatcher.

"For the path of the pale horse leads not astray. I wrote a song I hoped the world would hate as much as I hate myself today"

It is the resulting regurgitation of an absolute fucking recoil by four men and their mindsets fixed firmly against normal existence. I suspect most of you movers & shakers ingratiated within the international hardcore scene will know exactly what I'm talking about. For everyone else, spin Plagues to death like I have most nights for the past year, and knock your head against the wall. I really cannot say enough about this 5.2 minutes of sheer blood spilling, bone breaking, neck snapping hardcore.

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  1. I seen trash talk in november 09 with gallows
    They were fuckin brutal man!