Thursday, 20 January 2011

Merchandise - Strange Songs (In The Dark)


Merchandise are perhaps my favourite band of the moment, I have thrown myself into their soup-mix of frothy driven rhythms and quite frankly I do not care whether I resurface or not. They hail from Florida and play a writhing pastiche of noisy, at times melody-centred, jangling post-punk. Each track from their 'Strange Songs (In The Dark) release manages to present itself as a completely individual string to Merchandise's bow.

They don’t overplay the Joy Division influence like many bands, they offer something fresh and exciting. 'I Locked The Door' salutes you with the dull and blunt sounds of a scuffle between guitar and percussion, leaving it up to the rather sweet vocals to shepherd the entire song into cohesive shape. The last track on Strange Songs (In The Dark, 'In The Dark' is astoundlingly good; equally predisposed with attaching weight to melody as it is with sounding quirky and experimental. In hindsight I should have included this band and this record in my favourite releases of the year post.

You can pick up Merchandise - Strange Songs (In The Dark) from Drugged Conscience. This band features ex-members of THE ALMIGHTY CULT RITUAL, Nazi Dust and even Divisions so if you’re interested to see what those dirty Punks are up to now then grasp hold of Merchandise and worship them for all the gratuitous post-punk-cum-indie-experimentalism they can offer you. Great band.

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