Sunday, 8 March 2009

Enter Shikari - Antwerpen


Enter Shikari threw themselves back into the studio towards the end of last year to record their sophomore album. It's been given the title 'Common Dreads' and is set for release in May of this year on Enter Shikari's own label Ambush Reality.

There's been a few songs confirmed for the album, including 'Hectic' & 'The Jester' which are available to preview on a few live videos on Youtube. The big hit so far has been 'Antwerpen', a video of Rou, Chris, Rory & Rob playing it live from their practice space can be found here. They've also released the completed studio version and made it available for download through their official website


'Antwerpen' showcases the bands expansive nature, while Rou goes off in one direction twiddling dials and producing some riotous effects the other three Shikari personnel set about balancing that with a great hardcore texture. Enter Shikari's manic energy and penchant for fusing hard rock and trance owes much to the likes of Refused. While dabbling in synths and keyboards this track keeps its feet grounded in the hardcore category as the electro escapades are thrown into the mix to highlight the already free-flowing rhythm, hell, the first thirty seconds or so draws a comparison with something Cancer Bats might come up with. A further few minutes of anthemic chorus cap off a mouth watering taster for their second album. This is Enter Shikari, so full of dance and dynamics.

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