Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Genghis Tron - Board Up The House

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Genre: Grindcore / Experimental Metal / Ambient
Year: 2008
Recorded at Godcity Studios by Kurt Ballou,
Mastered by Nick Zampiello
Relapse Records
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Cybergrind, Experimental Grindcore, Electronic Mathcore - whichever box you wish to put this band in is fine by me, however i believe Genghis Tron to be far too evolutionary and expansive for the common "box-treatment." Their second opus "Board Up The House", their first release on Relapse Records also notably recorded and mixed by Kurt Ballou of Converge, is nothing short of extraordinary.

The Philadelphia three-piece have done a superb job in carving themselves a perfect niche in the current musical landscape, as a result of their totally unique sound primarily made up of varied vocal stylings, crashing guitar work and insane keyboard technics from resident beats-man Michael Sochynsky, who is instrumental in achieving Genghis Tron's uniquely textured aural assault - through a series of pulsating rythmic beats accompanied by dare i say it "nintendo-esque" bleeps and blips. The albums title track is a whirlwhind romance between angsty screamed vocal precision and timely ambient foundation, which never falls short of compelling, the same can be said for "City On A Hill" which unleashes itself from the get-go with all the tenacity of the next great american muscle car - only to retire gracefully come two thirds of the way through. "Things Don't Look Good" proves that there is indeed no set in stone formula, merely a list of ingredients that 'Tron choose to work with furthermore that the only limits Genghis Tron stick to are those of their own imaginations.

This is an awe inspiring album, with hidden depths and rabbit holes to really sink your teeth into. On first listen it may not be to everyone's taste which if that is the case i enthuse you to persist with this album and indeed this band! Surely the future looks bright for progressive-cyber-grind-experimental-mathcore-core.

1. Board Up the House
2. Endless Teeth
3. Things Don't Look Good
4. Recursion
5. I Won't Come Back Alive
6. City on a Hill
7. The Whips Blow Back
8. Colony Collapse
9. The Feast
10. Ergot
11. Relief


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