Sunday, 8 March 2009

Fucked Up - The Chemistry Of Common Life


Genre: Hardcore / Experimental Rock
Year: 2008
Recorded at Halla Music Studios and Central Audio Studios, produced by Jon Drew
Matador Records
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It's doubtful you will ever come across a band quite like Fucked up - hailing from Toronto, Canada, this is a hardcore punk band that brings all the destructive stomp of any reputable third wave hardcore outfit, yet you will still find yourself seduced into the arms of lead vocalist Father 'Pink Eyes' Damien and his dense, attractive lyrics.

Fucked up have popped themselves out of the mould, going off at their own tangent. The Chemistry Of Common Life flirts with the boundaries of what should be labelled as 'Hardcore', often bending them thoroughly to suit their own concepts of creativity - note the dalliance of the opening flute solo for immediate evidence!

Whilst 'The Chemistry of Common Life' does everything and more to lambaste our eardrums, there are a whole host of delicate moments to be unearthed. Peal away from the gritty 1-2 punch of 'Crooked Head' and contours of 'Royal Swan' to discover a treasure trove of atmosphere and ambiance. Track 3: Golden Seal, an instrumental, would do well to push itself to the forefront of a predominantly hardcore album, yet through sounds more at home with Massive Attack than Sick Of It All, it provides a breather between Father Damien breaking bottles over your head.

The absolute quality of the single 'Black Albino Bones', which notes Dallas Green amongst it's contributors, cannot be denied. Throaty vocals and a golden polished chorus evolve together into a 4 minute epic and while the live intensity of Fucked Up owes much to their fierce front man, its the confidence of song smith 10,000 marbles that should not be overlooked.

'Looking For God' seems to gradually pick up pace until eventually combusting into nothing, surely a satirical reflection on the songs title whilst the title track plays out the end of the record in one final punch to the already reddened gut.
The Chemistry of Common Life is a visceral first listen, and whilst that sense of being pummelled into the dust by Black Flag's wayward younger brother wont die off with each play, you'll be sure to pick up how laced with subtlety and talent this record actually is. My album of the year.

Track Listing.
1. Son The Father
2. Magic Word
3. Golden Seal
4. Days Of Last
5. Crooked Head
6. No Epiphany
7. Black Albino Bones
8. Royal Swan
9. Twice Born
10. Looking For God
11. Chemistry Of Common Life


Young Guv and Father Damien of Fucked Up, Manchester Club Academy. Courtesy of Natalie Balcerska

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