Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Biffy 'break that shit down' Clyro


This will be a brief post, just to vent my anger - well actually it's not anger, more of a raging blend of exasperation and malcontent, over one snippet from an otherwise typically staunch issue of Q Magazine. Yes that is right the glossy paged 'worship at the altar of Radiohead' Rock 'n' Roll conglomerate of the publishing world has pissed me right off.

I like to read other music magazines as well as Rock Sound, Metal Hammer, and that one that begins with K, to seek out good music that i know is out there. Yet this month as i leafed through the review section of Q i happened upon the Marmaduke Duke article which read as follows..

'Scottish Metal gurus go dance pop. Surprisingly good' .. 'Marmaduke Duke is a collaboration between Simon Neil, frontman with Scots metallers Biffy Clyro'

HAS This reviewer (Chris Cottingham) ever picked up a Biffy Clyro album? Tagging them as a metal band is about the equivalent of boxing Cradle of Filth in as just a ballsy Alternative Rock group. Seriously how is it possible to make a blind error such as that? Your eyes can play tricks on you, Simon Neil may look like hes grown up with Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne in Aston 'Birmingham but ears do not lie, Barraging the eardrums in a light and frisky manner, Biffy Clyro rock the boat with an abundance of twee melody. They don't grind their bones to make their bread or stomp around dishing out the breakdowns, They don't adhere to the basic Metal template of 'Less blues, more showmanship, more brute force.'

Please somebody defend this author's case so i can sleep easily at night knowing our collective music knowledge isn't going to the dogs.


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