Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Dälek - Gutter Tactics (Overview)

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This album, is of the Hip Hop persuasion. STOP! Don't drop that glass you're holding and most certainly close that gaping mouth, as this record is saturated with enough piss, vinegar and bile to hold anyones attention on a knife's edge. Guitars or no Guitars, Drum thrashing or no Drum thrashing Dälek set up camp with an austere, earna-serious sensibility. This world is a vibrating entity of lies & propaganda, of false handshakes and even falser smiles, Gutter Tactics is an amalgamation of those various corruptions colliding with the freakish talent of two New Jersey stalwarts. The outcome is something to be equally respected as it should be cherished.

I'll raise my hand to say I'm a great lover of Punk music, a great fan of all things Metal, Rock 'n' Roll - pretty much a hyper-umbrella term for music descended from the Blues, nevertheless i'm ready to embrace other styles and other ideas when the opportunity presents itself. Enter Dälek, the first track ‘Blessed Are They Who Bash Your Children’s Heads Against A Rock’ immediately grabs you at the scruff of the neck by throwing fact after mind boggling fact straight into your stream of conscience.

MC Dälek rallies home his beliefs in a deluge of politically astute spiel, all the while the music is being given a thorough fleshing out courtesy of Oktopus. See tracks such as 'Who Medgar Evers Was...', and 'We Lost Sight' for an example of how this doom laden atmosphere can tease the senses. The plot thickens as Dälek poke further into the tainted history of Uncle Sam, unearthing nothing but grizzly home truths. It's all well and good crooning over the 'girl next door' and the unfaltering Californian sunshine but when the time calls for a steely cut of unbridled emotion those topics just will not make the cut.Music thrives on bad times, on hardship and never has there been a more pressing global situation.

This record is a sobering wake up call to a lot of the snobby musicologists out there who sit too snugly on their high horses to truly experience the gritty passion of artists such as these twin renegades.

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